Current Press Release:

Unnatural Selection
Tara de la Garza

The Lodge Gallery, 131 Christie St, NY NY
Opening Thurs June 12, 2017 6pm
June 12 – 24

West Coast artist, Tara de la Garza’s second solo show at The Lodge Gallery presents large format multi media works pieced together from various natural history images to create a taxonomy of puzzling hybrid species. Resembling giant collages, the work is a celebration of biodiversity and the interconnectivity of the natural world.

Her work taps into the primal joy we experience when seeing harmony in nature and our natural curiosity when we encounter something that challenges our assumptions. When an octopus resembles intestines we make connections between all living things.

The work sits in an uneasy juncture between biological diversity and unchecked genetic modification. A depiction of a fantasy sci/fi world, sans humans where nature evolves chaotically but wholeheartedly. In a time when history and data are blatantly falsified, when we learn not to trust what we see, these works tune us into the impossible harmony of form.

Tara de la Garza is an Irish/Australian multidisciplinary artist who has exhibited nationally and internationally with the The Lodge Gallery NYC, San Diego Art Institute, No Longer Empty, Chashama, , Figment, MassMOCA and Aggregate Space Gallery. She currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. Tara studied a BA/Fine Art at Curtin University in Australia. Her last show at The Lodge also included an intervention so believable that gallerists were chasing people down the street. She promises to be better behaved this year. De la Garza is also the creative director of The Frank, a contemporary art pop up in Silicon Valley, SF.